Continuous dryer machine

Traditional drying methods in the pet food, aquafeed, and extruded food industry can be the most energy-consuming process. A state-of-the-art, compact and competitive solution, suitable for continuous drying applications can reduce your energy costs and downtime while maintaining high moisture uniformity.

Energy-efficient continuous drying with high moisture uniformity over time

The Geelen Counterflow Continuous dryer reduces the cost of energy consumption by 15-25% compared to its competitors for any drying requirements. It partially recirculates the dryer air back into the heater, maximizing energy efficiency while only a limited volume of air is exhausted at high relative humidity.

The counterflow technique also helps it achieve high moisture uniformity after drying. Its online microwave moisture sensors allow you to make sure the target moisture percentage is automatically achieved, under all circumstances.

Designed for easy cleaning, it is especially useful for hygienic operations for example, in the food processing industry. Its hydraulically driven drying decks release all of the product to the next stage is befitting with any production requirement.



  • Increased efficiency while saving up to half of the energy costs
  • Decreased downtime due to lower maintenance costs
  • High moisture uniformity leading to high product quality