Small scale packaging machine for chocolate figures

Chocolate figures are a popular product type that relies on “eye appeal” to generate good sales. For small-scale producers or startups it can be extremely difficult to find a wrapping solution that meets your volume requirements and yet delivers high-quality results that your product deserves. By installing a machine that can deliver the quality of wrap expected from larger, high-volume machines but with the economics of a traditional small volume system you can achieve the perfect balance for your needs.

High-quality wrapping for chocolate figures for lower volume production

The B Series from Chocal is a range of semi-automatic chocolate figure wrapping systems designed specifically to meet the needs of startups and lower-to-medium volume producers.

Available in three models, the B200, B400, and B600, the B series can wrap 600, 1200 or up to 6300 units per hour.

The B series employs gentle handling technology, ensuring product quality and minimising wastage through damage during the wrapping process.

All available with both bordering and sealing options, the B series is able to wrap even the most complex shapes with a perfectly smooth finish. This not only enhances the product’s shelf appeal, but also protects it more fully from damage in transit or in the hands of the consumer.

An additional benefit of the perfect finish is the enhanced legibility of the product labelling. As well as fulfilling the requirements of legislation, it also allows for easy to read consumer information or marketing, as well as bar code legibility.

The B series offers the flexibility to be able to wrap almost any shape and size of product, making it perfect for multi-product manufacturers with lower production volumes or seasonal-only products.


  • A range of economical semi-automatic wrapping solutions for lower volumes
  • Options available suitable for start-ups through to upscaling smaller producers
  • Gentle product handling results in less wastage
  • Perfect wrap finish for enhanced product appeal and better labelling compliance
  • Able to wrap a wide range of sizes and shapes of hollow and solid figures

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