Small capacity cocoa grinder

The first step of producing almost any kind of chocolate starts with grinding cocoa beans to get fine liquor. In order to achieve the highest quality end product, you need to use a system that is capable of grinding down cocoa beans into smooth liquor while preserving the aroma, flavour, and quality of paste.

Grind cocoa beans into fine cocoa paste

The Vulva Cacao Grinder 40 KG MC-I by Nemisto has been specifically designed for the efficient grinding of cacao beans with the goal to extract the highest quality liquid cacao paste.

Engineered for small-scale production, with size of just 60cm x 90cm x 140cm, this 80KG stainless steel cocoa grinder has the capacity of processing anything from a single bean to 40-kilogram batches at a time.

With motors independently installed for each of the three stages, the unit provides for exceptionally uniform processing of cacao beans, ensuring the highest quality of output.

The safety of the operator is ensured through the sophisticated and safety-driven design of the unit which leaves all dangerous parts of the system out of the immediate reach of the operator. Furthermore, the control unit has a run control system that can shut the entire process down with the single click of a button.


  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Repeatable and even grinding to ensure consistent quality
  • Three-phase motor system for highest efficiency at each stage of processing
  • Completely made out of stainless steel ensuring easy maintenance and cleaning

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