Semi-manual can sealer

When starting out in the canned product business, you do not necessary want to invest in industrial scale equipment, as the batches you work with are not that big and ask for a different approach.

Sealing smaller batches with two seaming rolls

The S1 Manual by JK Somme seams canned fruit like for example lychees or guava but can also seam cans with other food products like chocolate or teas and even non-food products like canned t-shirts, candles or perfumes. The machine has a turntable plate on which the can is placed. After that, a first roller unfolds the curl of the lid over the can, the second roller irons the seam and tightens it. The machine is equipped with a seaming spindle with one rotary seaming chuck. This creates an airtight seal and will protect the product in the can from leaks. Up to 15 cans per minute can be seamed.

Can sizes are flexible, diameters from 52 to 222 mm can be handled by the sealer, with heights being between 20 and 300 mm. Tooling changeovers to work with a different kind of can, can be done during the same shift. The semi-manual machine is a good fit when working with smaller batches, like for example in pilot series, for a start-up, universities or laboratories.


  • Versatility in can size
  • Lifter plate actuated by foot pedal
  • Seaming pressure regulated by a spring