Small chocolate tablet wrapping machine

Are you looking for a small-scale wrapping machine that can pack small Neapolitan chocolates and small tablets to make them look attractive but at the same time allows using different types of packaging materials and sizes? It can be challenging to find a packaging solution that meets all requirements but still delivers high-quality results.

Boost chocolate packaging efficiency while maintaining product quality.

The Lareka NP60s provides a relatively low-speed wrapping solution. It is a perfect solution for a company that needs to wrap up to 300.000 small chocolate tablets per shift per month. It can be used for wrapping small artisan chocolates, promotional Neapolitan chocolates, branded chocolates, etc.

The small chocolate tablet wrapping machine can wrap chocolate tablets ranging from a width of 30-45 mm, length of 30-90 mm, and height of 3-12 mm. It offers a solution for traditional chocolate wrapping styles like single layer, double layer with banderol, and double-layer full envelope fold. It offers flexible and easy conversion to other sizes of chocolates. The packaging capacity depends on the size of the tablets and goes up to 60 tablets per minute when processing smaller sizes.

The small chocolate tablet wrapping machine has a simple and user-friendly design which makes it easy to operate. The equipment maintains high hygiene and safety standards. It is possible to order an additional size set, buffer before the infeed conveyor, and a hot-melt gluing station.


  • Perfect packaging solution for Neapolitan chocolates
  • Speed up to 60 pieces per minute
  • Easy and fast size conversion
  • High quality and neat results

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