Leak tester for pouches and MAP packaging

Nuts are packed with unsaturated fatty acids, which means they are prone to oxidation by oxygen. As a manufacturer of nuts, it is essential to do thorough testing of the packaging to detect any leaks that let in oxygen to prevent the nuts to go rancid and lower the consumer experience.

Testing for leaks by creating a vacuum

The Stationary Leak Tester by Oxipack is a standalone machine for sample testing for products in flexible packaging like grated cheese or nuts in pouches but also pet food packages or chocolate and milk powder containers and for testing all kinds of flexible packings. The manually operated machine can test the packed product that contains small amounts of air or inert gas packed under a modified atmosphere packaging for leaks. The product is tested by looking for pressure differences by placing the package between two flexible rubber membranes. The cover of the machine is then closed, to create a vacuum in the test chamber. This will find large leaks as well as micro leaks.

An advantage of the machine is that the testing is done without damaging the packaging. This results in less waste and fewer faulty products ending up with the consumer. Also, the machine measures products simultaneously. A measuring cycle takes about 30 seconds, detecting leaks down to 10 µm.


  • Simple to operate
  • The equipment adheres to the ASTM F2338
  • Testing won’t damage the product

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