Robotic case packing machine for snack bags

Automated packing with robotic suction arms can quickly pickup packaged products, such as snack bags, directly from the conveyor belt, placing them into cases with considerable speed. The mechanical arms are designed with suction technology to make the process more efficient. For example, case packing machines with robotic clamps tend to drop items, making the production process less optimal.

Faster and more optimized packaging for snack bags

The Spider V Series by BluePrint Automation is designed to vertically and horizontally pack snack bags with high speed and precision. For packing bags horizontally, the Spider picks up the bags from the top and places them directly in each case. For vertical packing, the case packer tilts all the cases at a 90-degree angle in front of the conveyor, which means it’s sideloaded. The robotic suction arm then picks up each product and places them into the cassette. Then, an automated pusher drags the cases away in one movement.

The Spider V Series is integrated with BPA’s vision technology, adding more flexibility and precision to the entire packing process. It has a 3D camera installed to distinguish and pick products from the conveyor belt, reducing error rates and maximizing the uptime of the production process. Packaging quality checks are also possible. Moreover, the Spider can flexibly pack a variety of products into different cases, cartons, and containers.

The Spider V Series machine can be used by manufacturers of products from the confectionery, personal & home care, ice cream, dairy, bakery, dry food, pet food, frozen food, or fresh produce industries.


  • High speed and accurate packing
  • Vision guided technology for precision packing from conveyor belt to carton box
  • Packs products in all types and sizes of cases, cartons, and containers

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