Single shaft dry conche

Dry conching acts by reducing the moisture of the chocolate flakes and removing volatile and undesired flavours all at once. For lower capacities, satisfying results can be accomplished with a single shaft conche.

Entry-level dry conching

The shaft scrapes the surface of the batch with its agitator arm that evenly distributes the chocolate, improving the viscosity of your product due to the addition of shear stress. Particles are thereby polished and evenly distributed resulting in a rich flavour development; without the addition of cocoa butter, fats or lecithin.

Because of the powerful motor of the single shaft dry conche, the single shaft performs dry conching at slow and high-speed pace; however, such process normally requires a considerable amount of time. The time required for liquid conching remains the same.


  • Powerful conching rotor
  • Cost-effective
  • Different capacities available
  • Temperature control cabinet with the plate heat exchangers and water pump
  • Discharge pump with piston valve

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