High-Speed Pouch Packaging Machine

For large scale production of powders and liquids in a wide range of industry sectors, a fast and reliable HFFS solution for sachet packaging is vital. Increased speeds must not come with decreased accuracy nor a reduction in flexibility. A modern high-speed HFFS solution that allows a choice of sachet types with high levels of accuracy will provide a rapid return on investment.

High-performance HFFS machines for dosing powders

The Bossar Packaging B Range of HFFS machines is designed to offer the ultimate in performance packaging for liquids or powders in sachets. Available as the B2800/4, B3200/4, B3800/4 and B3800/3, the range uses either Bossar’s Triplex or Quadruplex horizontal technology.

The B series machines have been engineered from the ground up to guarantee the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, as well as the very best quality of sachet, while delivering excellent throughputs speeds of up to 400 sachets per minute.

Flexibility is vital, and the B Series can produce a range of sachets: flat 3-side seal, flat 4-side seal, twin sachets, flat with eurohole, flat with display perforation, and flat with partial shape.

The traditional mechanical walking beam offers a robust and easily-maintained transport system. The film servo pulling system ensures smooth and rapid film transport, and the ability to mount film roll up to 600mm diameter increases time between film splicing.

Despite the high throughput, the quality of the sachets is guaranteed thanks to automatic correction that centers the sachet printing in relation to the sealing and cutting units.

By offering a range of options, the B series can meet your exact requirements. Maximum volume ranges from 35cc to 185cc, and sachet dimensions from 50mm x 60mm to 125mm x 180mm. Even the largest fill machine can produce 240 sachets per minute.



  • High-speed, high accuracy filling up to 400 units per minute
  • Triple or quad filling stations allow higher grade filling at high output speeds
  • A wide range of sachet styles can be produced
  • Robust mechanical transport system for increased reliability
  • Large film reel capacity means less downtime for reloading