Refining plant for chocolate

Achieving a balanced, velvety mouthfeel in chocolate is challenging. Larger particles in chocolate result in a sandy consistency, while too fine a particle makes the end product feel watery. Producing the right chocolate texture at 20-30 microns keeping the ideal Gauss curve requires precise handling of the refining process.

Continuous chocolate refining

The P10S-CI Series by Tecno 3 is a high-precision refiner using a proprietary refiner with 10 vertical rolls. Designed with three grinding units, the technology simplifies the large-scale continuous processing of chocolate and chocolate fillings. The feed goes first through a pre-refiner stage before reaching the refiner. After that, the process is finished in the ball-mill section.
Each refining unit reaches a maximum capacity of 750 kg/hour, achieving high outputs in a one-step procedure. The P10S-CI has a compact build, saving on floor space.


  • Continuous chocolate refining
  • Reduces the grinding process to a single step
  • Large capacity (750 kg/h)

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