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A truffle ball is a chocolate confectionary named after the mushrooms because of their strong resemblance. Traditionally, chocolate ganache is the base of truffle balls. After the ganache is made, it is shaped into small balls and rolled into cocoa or nut powder, chopped toasted nuts or dipped into chocolate.

What truffle balls equipment do you need?

Chocolate enrober with minimum changeover time

Is the efficiency of your high-volume, 24/7 multi-product line being impact...

An entry-level chocolate enrober

Small chocolate enrober

Do you have a small-scale production environment but need the highest quality of enrobing? Higher qua...

Chocolate depositor

Do you want the highest quality depositor for your small-to-medium production? Traditional depositors at ...

Energy saving chocolate tempering machine

Do you need to lower your energy consumption due to either rising power costs or...

Chocolate tempering machine

If your existing traditional chocolate tempering machines are costing money in increased energy ...

High capacity cooling tunnel for chocolates

Do you need the highest quality from your high volume line? 24/7 running means...

Hygienic cooling tunnel for chocolates

Variable, precision cooling of a wide range of chocolate, chocolate-coated and creme...

Depositor for solid and filled chocolates

If you need to produce a wide range of chocolate products on a smaller productio...

Chocolate analyzer

When designing new lines or new product – or looking for improvements in existing ones – testi...

High capacity tempering machine

Prepare chocolate mixes for application to your product as coatings. Enhance the attractiven...

Chocolate truffle rolling machine

For automatic truffle ball enrobing.

Larger versatile cooling belt for chocolates

Versatile cooling system for enrobed or deposited products.

Automatic book-moulding system

Closes ‘book-moulds’ in order to produce eggs, balls, sea shells, and other 3-dim...

Vertical cooling tower for chocolate moulds

Used for cooling one-shot products or chocolate blocs. Start cooling in a limi...

Single row piston depositor for soft fillings

For depositing soft fillings directly onto the cooling belts.

One shot depositor with 2D movement

The One-Shot technology is based upon the synchronized discharge of filling and shell m...

One shot depositor with 3D movement

The One-Shot technology is based upon the synchronized discharge of filling and shell m...

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Processing steps involved in truffle balls making

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