High-speed chocolate block melt machine

If you produce chocolate using larger blocks instead of cocoa beans, chocolate melting is a critical step in the process. Melting chocolate blocks shouldn’t be costly or time-intensive. Rapid chocolate block melting technology optimizes your melting process without having to install multiple units. Besides saving costs, you can reduce your footprint considerably.

Melt more chocolate in a shorter time

The FC-C Series by Tecno 3 is a continuous, large chocolate block melter specifically built for medium and large-scale confectionery businesses. It’s well-suited for chocolate producers that make products out of semi-finished blocks of chocolate. The melter is built to help maximize your production output, minimize energy costs, and reduce labor costs. Notably, the solution doesn’t require high temperatures to melt the chocolate.

The FC-C is designed with efficient mechanical rotors that quickly and effectively melt large blocks of chocolate, scraping everything from the surface of the blocks. The series is also suitable for melting cocoa mass and fats, like cow butter for example. Moreover, the Tecno 3 melter has a smaller footprint compared to traditional machines.
The maximum capacity of the melter is between 1 and 3 tons per hour and can melt 20-25 kilograms of chocolate in a matter of a few seconds.


  • Minimal melting cycle
  • Easy maintenance thanks to fast replacement parts
  • Large production capacity
  • Small footprint