Industrial melter for chocolate rework

Wastage or out-of-specification products are not uncommon in the chocolate manufacturing industry. For example, if you’re producing chocolate chips, hollow figures, or bonbons, you’ll likely be left with defective products. The faulty items could end up in storage for weeks, leading to unnecessary loss of space.
But thanks to the continuous melting solution for chocolate waste, you can effectively and conveniently reuse out-of-specification products.

Quickly re-use out-of-spec chocolate products

The FCS Series by Tecno 3 is a continuous melter designed to melt different chocolate types with inclusions. Used in-line for scrap recovery, the melter recovers the out-of-spec products quickly and sends the chocolate back into the production cycle for immediate use. The melting is done very gently – in case of tablets with solid inclusions like nuts, the system recovers the whole tablet and keeps the nuts intact.

The FCS melter is manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel – adhering to industrial hygiene standards. The system is electrical and has a control panel for various functionalities such as temperature in the circuits, agitator speeds, sieve vibration, and the distribution pump for the melted chocolate. Moreover, the machine has a minimum capacity of 500 kg/h and a maximum of 3 tons/h.


  • Delicate processing doesn’t break inclusions such as hazelnuts
  • Quickly re-use out-of-spec chocolate in the same production process without storing it
  • Up to 3 tons/h melting capacity
  • Multiple applications (you can melt chocolate tablets, drops, hollow figures, and pralines)

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