Mixer for production of chocolate with inclusions

Using the same mixing equipment for different recipes in chocolate manufacturing is one of the most challenging processes to manage. After preparing your hazelnut chocolate mix, for example, you’ll need to clean the equipment and make sure it’s sanitized before proceeding to prepare a chocolate crunch bar. This back and forth process can be daunting.

Mix different chocolate recipes quickly, disassemble easily

The MDC-A Series by Tecno 3 helps mid to large-scale chocolate manufacturers mix and dose different recipes evenly. It provides a precise, continuous, and consistent mixing of both solid and liquid ingredients. The MDC-A is specifically designed for easy disassembly, helping you maintain the overall quality of your manufacturing processes. Moreover, it has a minimum production capacity of 30 kg/hour with a maximum capacity of 6 tons/hour. You can also use the MDC-A for colorful toppings (dosing and mixing different colorants added in the liquid base) for pastries, doughnuts or ice cream.


  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Constant and precise dosing of ingredients
  • Maximum capacity of 3 tons/h (ideal for large scale chocolate manufacturers)
  • Space-saving design

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