Batch chocolate line with horizontal ball mill

To mix and refine cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, sugar, and lecithin, several methods can be used. This can be done through the use of a horizontal ball mill and liquid conching.

Fine processing of chocolate masses

The EMA-Choc batch lines have a capacity of up to 250 kg/h, 450 kg/h or 1000 kg/h, depending on which ball mill is used. The innovative approach combines a pre-mixer with ball mill refiners, for intermediate and/or fine grinding results in an efficient and sustainable production process.

Suitable for both crystal and powdered sugar based recipes. The horizontal and conical grinding unit has a high flow rate design which makes it possible for ultra-fine refining below 20 microns (D90). The highly wear-resistant materials guarantee the maximum life span of the grinding tools, less wear and the lowest iron intake to the product.


  • Suitable when using crystal sugar or powdered sugar
  • Excellent product fineness and homogeneity
  • Extremely low wear and virtually no maintenance costs
  • High flexibility regarding different recipes and plant layout
  • Simple, fully automated, no production expertise required