Ball roaster for cocoa beans

Homogeneous roasting of cocoa beans is essential for the production of fine chocolate. Precise control of temperature is necessary to ensure that each bean gets the optimal amount of heat and roasting time.

Roast beans homogeneously for optimal flavor

The ball roaster from JAF INOX enhances the traditional roasting method with an innovative design to deliver optimal flavor from the roasting of cocoa beans. The rotating ball chamber ensures homogeneous roasting and optimal development of color and flavor. It has an excellent sterilizing and pasteurizing effect that loosens the shell and reduces moisture content. It is equipped with a 70KW gas heater and a PID temperature controller that allow precise control of product and heat source temperatures. The ball roaster has a mild steel structure with product contact components made with stainless steel. The thermal insulation guarantees efficient heat exchange with low energy consumption. It has a capacity of 150kg/batch with a power requirement of 5KW.


  • Consistent quality with precise temperature control
  • Homogenous roasting due to rotating ball design
  • Reduced energy consumption with thermal insulation
  • Corrosion free, food-safe, stainless steel construction