Cocoa powder processing line

Cocoa beans are first fermented, dried, roasted, and separated from their skins to obtain a cocoa mass (cocoa paste), which will be melted to become the cocoa liquor. After obtaining the cakes of cocoa butter, by separating the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids, the chocolate is ready for the powdering stage.

Stable pulverizing and improved crystallization

The cocoa powder processing line machine from Duyvis has been improved by offering a stable pulverizing process and an improved crystallization speed.
The improved low retention time ensures that agglomerates are prevented from forming in cocoa or chocolate powders, after these products are packaged. When cocoa butter solidifies too quickly or at incorrect temperatures, unstable crystals can form. This formation of undesirable crystals often occurs in packaged cocoa, with a poor quality cocoa product as a result. This machine has an improved crystallization process that prevents the formation of unstable crystals by employing lowered temperatures. The resulting product is a deep, vivid cocoa colour which is essential for cocoa powder manufacturers who wish to maintain a high quality product.


  • An improved crystallization process prevents the formation of undesirable crystals once packaged
  • Silos are maintained and buffered at the appropriate temperatures to preserve cocoa quality
  • Cocoa powder grain can be adjusted to different levels of fineness
  • Deep, vividly coloured cocoa powder is produced
  • Low retention time supports multiple product change