Carton Tray Forming Machine for Biscuits

Trays used as packaging for products for biscuits, cookies, chocolates and other sweets are primarily made out of plastic. Manufacturers and consumers are leaning towards more sustainable alternatives such as cartons to reduce packaging footprint. These carton tray formers must be integrated into production lines efficiently to avoid service interruptions and downtime.

High-speed automatic carton tray forming and product loading

The Tray former TRF200 from Mpac is an automated carton tray forming system for confectionaries and snacks. The system can form and erect up to 200 carton trays per minute for a single form part and has an EHEDG design in hygienic stainless steel with an open design for good visibility and accessibility. The tray former is equipped with intuitive and ergonomic controls featuring an Intelligent Machine Interface for machine status and changeover procedures. Its small footprint offers easy integration into existing production lines or as a standalone unit and it’s equipped with caster wheels for portability. Integration with the Mpac cartoning and case packing solutions will offer full packaging automation.


  • Carton tray integration
  • Portable unit with compact dimensions
  • Form up to 200 trays per minute
  • Open design allows easy access
  • EHEDG-compliant hygienic design