Multi-row one shot chocolate depositor

The One-Shot technology is based upon the synchronized discharge of filling and shell mass into a mould.

Individual turning axis for each one shot nozzle

The MAXOS from Hacos is a Multi-row one shot depositor, equipped with a larger depositing head and up to 4 rows of nozzles. This way, an entire chocolate mould can be filled in one deposit.

When several depositors are place in-line they can be connected in one network for easy management and exchange of recipes. The MAXOS is especially fitted for use on the Hacos SAMM NAPO compact moulding lines. These lines are fully automated moulding lines, with horizontal cooling tunnels, automatic de-moulding and optional treatment for double truffle ball moulds.


  • Very accurate deposits
  • Easy to use touch screen interface
  • Can be installed on a moulding line, or be equipped with a 2D programmable belt
  • Water heating and cooling
  • Can be equipped with different sizes of pistons