Chocolate bean to bar line 10kg

Developing new products, producing specialty chocolates, laboratory testing, and in-shop production require chocolate production machinery with a small capacity.

Convert cocoa beans into fine chocolate bars on a small scale

The 10Kg bean to bar line from JAF INOX includes all necessary equipment to produce great-tasting chocolate from cocoa beans. It is ideal for small batches, small-scale production, laboratory trials, and chocolate shops looking to create the ultimate experience.

The 10 kg bean to bar line includes a classification table measuring 180 x 80 cm, a 10kg cylindrical roaster, a 10 kg/H five-deck winnower with cyclone, a 10kg batch knife mill, a 120 x200 mm five-roll refiner with chiller, and automatic feed of 30 kg/H. It also includes a 10 kg single shaft conche, an 8 kg compact tempering machine, and a 5 m x 30 cm cooling tunnel with indirect heat exchange.


  • Develop new products
  • Get into the chocolate making business on a small scale
  • Produce specialty products for niche markets
  • Hassle-free, quick installation with machines designed to work together
  • Corrosion free, stainless steel material contact parts