Industrial nut grater

Pressure from the grinding process can cause damage to food products as well as induce unwanted heating or loss of natural oils.

Process nuts and other foodstuffs gently, without squeezing

The IR 250 industrial food processor spins the raw material against the grating drum, before rotating vanes discharge the grated product. Brunner Anliker’s ingenious pre-rotation system utilizes centrifugal force to reduce contact whilst pushing up to 2,000 kilograms of material through the system per hour without undue pressure.
Additions include a sieve drum for breaking up clumped, powdery materials and a mesh drum for straining vermicelli, apple puree and mashed potato.


  • Process nuts, cheese, vegetables and chocolate
  • Grate from fine to coarse and slice, powder or granulate
  • Process without spoiling or losing natural oils
  • Comply with strict hygiene demands of the food industry

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