Small scale cocoa winnower

In the small-scale production of cocoa-based products, one of the challenges that manufacturers face is to effectively separate lighter shells and any remaining impurities from the cocoa nibs. In order to maximise the effectiveness of separating the nibs from the shells is to make use an cocoa winnower.

Boost effectiveness of cracking and separating nibs from lighter shells

The Cacao Winnower Nibs Sorter DCV 2-I by Nemisto has the simple yet critical role in cacao product production as it is solely responsible for separating lighter shells and any remaining impurities from the cocoa nibs. This is only possible due to the powerful stream of air and several sieving and vibratory stations.

At just 0.9m x 0.8m x 1.2m and weighing at 120 kilograms, this stainless steel nibs sorting system can consistently sort over 20kg of cacao nibs per hour. Furthermore, with the help of the sorting hamper, high-end ventilation system, vibrating motor, and springs, this winnower can also effectively and consistently sort nibs in three different sizes.

With safety in mind, this nibs sorting system provides an extremely safe working environment for the operator. Due to the compact design of the unit covered in stainless steel, all parts that could pose a risk of harm are hidden away from the immediate reach of the worker. Moreover, as an additional layer of safety, this model has a run control system that can completely shut off the process with the single click of a button.


  • Nibs sorting capacity of 20kg per hour
  • Efficient and consistent at sorting nibs in three different sizes
  • Compact design made out of stainless steel
  • Extremely safe for the operator
  • Perfect for small scale production