Chocolate decorator for extruded ice-cream

It is not uncommon for ice-cream decorator units to become faulty and produce a visually disappointing product. In order to keep customers happy, you need to find a solution that can live up to the promise.

Decorating extruded ice cream with chocolate

The Mobile Depositor Small (MDS) unit from Foodjet can easily work with up to 4 depositor FJ28 heads with nozzle sizes ranging between 400-1500 micron and depositing width of up to 600mm with accuracy better than 0.5mm. Due to the functional properties of the FJ28, the MDS can safely and accurately decorate the ice-cream basing on design and shape of the product.

The IP67 design frame promotes very minimal cable visibility that requires an insignificant amount of maintenance and cleaning attention, making this particular unit a great addition to any business. Moreover, the unit’s integrated vision camera ensures minimum waste when decorating the ice-cream.

With flow rates between 50-750L per hour, such a unit is ideal for ice-cream manufacturers who are looking for a single solution that can effectively decorate ice-cream of different texture, flavors, and shapes.


  • Cost-efficiency in regards to maintenance and cleaning
  • The perfect unit for decorating ice-cream with different characteristics
  • Individually controlled nozzle-jets allow full customization
  • Can work with a variety of liquid supply systems to meet the individual needs of all ice-cream that is being produced