Industrial washer for plastic crates

In the food production sector, hygiene regulations are getting stringent by the day. Especially meat production and fresh produce manufacturing must follow strict cleanliness and hygiene protocols. This is why it’s imperative to pay attention to the washing and cleaning of crates used in the production facility. An automated industrial washer can help eliminate the risks of cross-contamination along with cleaning different types and sizes of crates.

Clean all crates and containers using a spin drying solution to save energy

The Clever Line 301 by Nerkon provides a one-lane washing technology that can help streamline your crate and container cleaning processes. It is a modular washing equipment built specifically for disinfecting, washing, and drying produce crates. Moreover, the machine provides an option to select a cleaning function that doesn’t consume a lot of energy. For example, you can choose to spin dry the crates, a process that doesn’t require a lot of power compared to heat drying.

The different crate sizes are placed upside down in either a longitudinal or crosswise position. You can use the Clever Line 301 to clean crate lids as well. With doors on both sides, it provides faster cleaning of the equipment – allowing for detailed washing – and easy maintenance. The machine is designed to run 24/7 without any downtime.


  • Cleaning of 250 to 2500 pieces per hour
  • One-lane, double-lane or multi-lane versions of the device
  • Double-filtration system helps regenerate the washing solution
  • Spin drying helps keep energy costs low

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