Mobile depositor of tiger wash

Manufacturers of tiger bread and other similar consumables often find that achieving perfect results is more complicated than it looks. The use of specially designed modern solution guarantees accuracy and consistency when depositing foodstuff.

Accurately depositing tiger wash at high speed

The Mobile Depositor Small (MDS) by Foodjet is a mobile C-frame designed to operate with up to 4 FJ29 depositor heads for larger production capacities. With the help of a range of supply piping, a Volumetric Servopump, and individually controlled nozzle-jets, no foodstuff goes to waste and the final product has top quality. The fully customizable nozzles ranging in size between 1.5 -3mm allow the operator to easily deposit the right amount of product onto the tiger bread for an even and complete finish with accuracy better than 1mm.

All areas on the unit that food can reach are made of stainless steel 316 which makes the machine easy to clean and last for a long time. Additionally, the liquid foodstuff circuit is CIP-able, meaning the foodstuff automatically flows on demand with nominal flow rates between 0-250L per hour. The VPS option in the Volumetric Servopump allows the operator to control the amount of liquid foodstuff that is pumped out of the heads.


  • Fully customizable nozzle-jet depositors
  • Even distribution thanks to the VPS fitted into the Volumetric Servopump
  • Low maintenance and up-keeping cost
  • Guaranteed high-quality of the final product with minimal wastage of foodstuff