Small scale nut chopping machine

Many confectionery and bakery products use nuts as a key ingredient or decoration. The ability to accurately chop nuts into the desired size for a wide range of purposes is vital in many recipes. Traditional small-scale machinery tends to crush the ingredients, affecting quality and taste. A chopping solution provides flexibility as well as excellent product quality.

Accurate and adjustable chopper for chopping and granulating nuts

The TR100 from DSC is a versatile chopping and granulating machine for small scale production. Portable and robust, the TR100 is the ideal solution not only for nuts but also for other hard ingredients, including chocolate and biscuit.

Made from stainless steel and featuring removable feed hopper, the TR100 is easy to clean inside and out.

The machine features two pairs of individually adjustable chopping rollers, and a final pair of granite finishing rollers, again adjustable to allow a uniform final size of the product grains. Chop size can be adjusted from coarse grains down to a powder in increments of 0.1mm.

The unit has a simple control panel where the speed of the chopping rollers and finishing rollers can be individually controlled. The TR100 can utilise only one set of chop rollers if the production requires this.


  • Ideal small-scale chopping solution that doesn’t impact product quality
  • Simple to operate and to clean, and fully portable
  • Adjustable from coarse grain down to powder
  • Chopping, not crushing - no heat damage or unwanted oil extraction
  • Can be used for other hard ingredients such as chocolate or biscuit