Small capacity chocolate melangeur

In order to produce the finest of chocolate products, you need the cocoa nibs to be grinded and refined into liquor to perfection. Unfortunately, reaching the perfect and finest form of liquor can be difficult for small-scale manufacturers, making the use of a small state of the art unit an integral part in producing an amazing end product.

Robust cocoa nibs melangeur for fine cocoa liquor

Using of modern processing technology, the Melangeur by Nemisto is the perfect companion for cocoa grinding processes. This particular system has everything to grind up to 20 kilograms of cocoa nibs into a very fine finish. After grinding for approximately 12 hours, the chocolate can be conched in the same unit.

Made out of stainless steel, this 120-kilogram unit is not only elegant, extremely strong, and durable but is also easy to maintain and clean. In addition to the long-lasting material that the entire unit is made out of, the Melangeur is fully backed by a powerful motor and high-quality black granite stone that guarantees for grinding the cocoa nibs into fine liquor under 20 microns. Moreover, the classic titling feature makes it unnecessary to lift the vessel or drum to pour out the finished fine product. 


  • Can consistently grind cocoa nibs below 20 microns in size
  • Ability to conch the chocolate in the very same unit
  • Made out of stainless steel ensuring easy clean and maintenance
  • Product batch capacity up to 20 kilograms

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