One shot depositor with 2D movement

The One-Shot technology is based upon the synchronized discharge of filling and shell mass into a mould and can be delivered with a 2D piping function.

From the filling directly to the cooling step

The MINOS-10 2D from Hacos is an one-shot depositor with a 2D moving head, for depositing directly into a cooling belt, even with 2D piping function. Equipped with 2×10 nozzles, which makes it suitable for installation on a 450 mm cooling belt. This depositor is also available with a 2D or 3D programmable belt. Offering a capacity of 15 to 30 deposits per minute, a contence/Size of 2×10 pistons/ 2×7 kg hoppers; and a touch screen PLC command panel.


  • 2D moving head
  • Equipped with 2x10 nozzles
  • Capacity of 15 to 30 deposits per minute
  • Touch screen PLC command panel