High-speed cut & wrap fold machine

For large scale production of toffees, caramels and chewy candy products, speed of throughput coupled with high-quality wrapping is demanded. By utilising a state-of-the-art twin lane forming, cutting and wrapping machine the speed and efficiency of production can be increased as well as product quality thanks to modern handling and rejection systems.

Twin-lane former and fold wrapper for large-scale production of toffees, caramels, and gums

The U1-DCW from Theegarten Pactec is a mass-production forming and fold wrapping solution designed specifically for large scale toffee, caramel, chewing gums and chewy candy production lines.

The innovative twin-lane system means that two product pieces are cut simultaneously with a double knife, wrapped in a dual-track wrapping head and then sealed in a twin-lane discharge. The U1-DCW can wrap using a bottom fold, an envelope fold, or a side fold to suit your requirements. Individual product sizes up to 38mm x 25mm x 15mm can be accommodated, with special sizing on request.

Throughput is up to 2,000 pieces per minute. Servo control throughout ensures reliability and high-performance with reduced noise compared to traditional mechanical control.

The machine can be mated either with a batch roller and rope sizing machine (for the production of toffees and hard and soft caramels) or with an extruder and cooling tunnel (used for chewing gum, bubble-gum, and chewy candy).

U1-DCW features automatic splicing, which means the machine does not need to be stopped to change wrapping rolls. Wrapping materials than can be used are wax paper, cellophane, and coated aluminium/paper.


  • Twin-lane design allows the highest possible speeds for mass production
  • Servo control throughout reduces noise and increases reliability
  • Accessible design reduces downtime associated with maintenance and cleaning
  • Can be mated with rope sizing machine or extruder to meet your exact needs
  • Simple, single-user operation and monitoring via touchscreen HMI

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