Chocolate bean to bar line 200kg

Installing a chocolate production line that works efficiently and smoothly can be a daunting task, particularly if different suppliers produce different machines.

Produce fine chocolate from cocoa beans

The Bean to bar line from JAF INOX includes all major equipment needed to produce great-tasting chocolate from cocoa beans. It has a capacity of 200Kg per batch and is ideal for chocolate makers looking to improve their production capacity and efficiency.

The bean to bar line includes a 60 kg/H capacity classification machine, cylindrical roaster, cocoa cooler, continuous sieve winnower, and a 30 kg batch knife mill. In addition, a 200 x 500 mm five-roll refiner with chiller, a 100 kg/H automatic feed for the refiner, a 200 kg/H single shaft conche, a flex tempering machine, a flex dropping tool, and a 10 m x 60 cm cooling tunnel are also included.


  • Hassle-free, quick installation with machines designed to work together
  • No need to shop around matching machine capabilities and capacities
  • Full control of production parameters
  • Corrosion free, stainless steel material contact parts
  • Safer work environment with built-in safety features