Entry level bean to bar line

One of the challenges when setting up a small-scale cocoa processing factory is making all of the equipment work together for maximum output. Rather than experimenting and compromising on both quality and capacity, a complete entry-level bean to bar line system can help you begin the production of high-quality cocoa-based products right away, at maximum level of output.

Initiate production of artisan chocolate with small-scale bean to bar line.

This entry-level Bean to Bar system by Nemisto contains a range of different units and is the ideal solution for the complete processing of artisan chocolate. The complete line includes bean roasting, nib and shell separation, mixing and refining, conching by refiner conch, and chocolate tempering units that work seamlessly together to produce a high-quality end product.

The cacao roaster is capable of processing 5 kilograms per batch at a time while the winnower, or more well known as the bean nibs separator can separate up to 20 kilograms of different-sized beans per hour. On the other hand, the pre-grinder can grind approximately 15 kilograms per hour and turn the cocoa nibs fine to a size of between 50 and 100 microns. The pre-grinder can also be adjusted for better quality output, making the overall capacity of this entry-level bean to bar line up to 15kg per day.

Finally, the 2 roll refiner and conch allow you to set the temperature in 2 places: the rollers and in the bowl. During this process, the speed of conching in the bowl can be customized to determine the fineness of the end product like cocoa liquor and artisan chocolate.

All units are predominantly made out of stainless steel, guaranteeing longevity, easy maintenance, and cleaning.


  • A complete cocoa processing system
  • Capacity of up to 15 kilograms of cocoa per day
  • 100% controlled process at any stage of production