Complete cutting, mixing, emulsifying and heating system

From laboratory scale to large volume food or cosmetic production, it pays to have all-around equipment that can effectively cut, mix, emulsify, and even heat your products. Whether producing chocolates, processed cheese or beauty creams, a robust system that is flexible enough to handle products from different industries simplifies production steps while increasing overall productivity without compromising quality.

All-in-one processing system with direct or indirect heating of products

The Stephan Universal Machine from ProXES is an all-in-one processing system that includes cutting, mixing, emulsifying, and heating functions for food and cosmetics applications. The system is available as a tabletop or floor-mounted unit with frequency-controlled knives and with or without direct steam injection. Direct steam injection allows quick heating of products, like processed cheese, up to 95⁰C or 125⁰C, depending on the model. Various models are available for laboratories, R&D, and industrial scale production with maximum batch sizes of 2.5 liters up to 170 liters. Finished products are discharged through a discharge valve or by tilting the bowl up to 90 degrees for highly viscous products. Various specially shaped tools and high-speed knives ensure quick mixing and cutting of products, making them ideal for most product applications. The system is equipped with either a soft touch keyboard or a touch panel for easy operation with an option of data recording via a USB stick.


  • Various batch capacity available (2.5 to 170 liters)
  • Optional double jacket for heating and cooling
  • Optimized bowl ergonomics allow easy operation
  • Direct steam allows quick and homogeneous heating of products
  • Highly configurable according to the application (food and cosmetics)

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