Low Output Production Line for Gummies and Jellies

The original technique for making gums and jellies exploited the non-stick properties of starch to form candies. However, the use of starch presents many hygiene and cross-contamination risks, as well as efficiency, quality and financial compromises.

Make quality products free from starch

The low output ServoForm Mini system for gummies and jellies from Baker Perkins is designed for 100% starch-free production for a variety of products. Based on Baker Perkins’ high-output ServoForm confectionery depositing technology, the ServoForm Mini deposits high quality products with a consistent size and shape, and high piece weight accuracy.

The small footprint, low energy costs and elimination of starch significantly reduce production costs compared with traditional starch moulding processes. Low scrap rate, quick product changeovers and continuous processing mean a rapid payback is assured.

Full servo control and detailed recipe management allows for complex mixes with up to 4 components and unlimited shape designs. The ServoForm is optimized for full 3D gummies as well as striped, layered, and center-fill options.


  • Hygienic starch-free manufacturing
  • Consistent high quality and accurate dosing
  • Up to 50 kg/hour output
  • Intricate formulations and inclusions