Dry granulator for pharmaceutical powders

In pharmaceutical industries, where large-volume production is the norm, compactors or granulators are used to turn powdered materials into granules. As hydraulic systems are commonly utilized in these granulators, the compressibility is affected by the properties of the oil used. Certain oils can be compressed more than others and their properties degrade over time and are affected by temperature fluctuations.

Compacting dry powder into granules using an electromechanical roller drive

The Dry Granulator BRC 100 from L.B. Bohle, is a compacting system that turns powdered materials into granules for pharmaceutical industry applications. The system utilizes an electromechanical roller drive to provide precise control, consistent compressibility, and minimal material loss compared to hydraulic systems that rely on oil properties to drive the rollers.

This setup offers less maintenance as it does not require oil changes and an oil cooling system. The system has a flexible sieve setup allowing for the use of either a conical sieve or an oscillating sieve to obtain the desired granule size of the product coming out from the rollers. The granulator comes standard with integrated WIP (Washing in Place) nozzles for effective and easy cleaning. The entire system can be assembled or disassembled quickly, which helps improve maintenance and installation.



  • Less maintenance, no oil change required
  • Improved compressibility and minimal material loss from using electromechanical roller drive
  • Flexible sieve setup, can be fitted with conical or oscillating sieve
  • Quick assembly/ disassembly of the system allows easy installation – less than 10 minutes
  • Standard washer nozzles allow WIP (Washing In Place)