Automatic weigher and mixer of confectionery ingredients

The production of accurately proportioned and homogenous slurries is a vital first step before cooking in many confectionary processes. Traditional volumetric measurement devices are prone to errors due to temperature, humidity and density variations, leading to inconsistencies and reduced product quality. A purpose-built weight-based mixer provides consistent highly accurate results, improving product quality and reducing costs through wastage.

High accuracy ingredients weigher and homogenizer

The Baker Perkins Autofeed unit is a compact, fully automatic unit that can weigh and dose up to 8 different dry and liquid ingredients. It then thoroughly mixes them into a uniform homogenous slurry that is ready for feeding into any of the specialist cookers in the Baker Perkins range.

The Autofeed takes ingredients fed sequentially from bulk handling systems into a combined weighing and mixing tank. The use of a single weighing hopper ensures correct proportions are maintained, irrespective of calibration.

All ingredients are mixed during the programmed fill cycle, and the order in which they are added can be easily changed as part of the recipe programming to ensure the highest levels of slurry consistency.

The highly sensitive weight measurement system produces a class-leading accuracy of 0.1% in each 180kg (200 litre) full batch. An easy to use touchscreen HMI shows full process visualisation, storage for up to 20 recipes, alarm handling and data logging, plus per-batch reporting of ingredients usage. Level control of the reservoir tank, and the weighing and mixing sequences is fully automatic, with no manual intervention required.

The Autofeed can also provide effective cost control. Thanks to its comprehensive reporting output for each batch its possible to produce highly accurate ingredients usage statistics on a regular basis.

Finally, an impressive range of options is available to tailor the Autofeed to your exact requirements, including efficient clean in place system, heavy duty upgrades for high viscosity slurries, twin tanks to avoid contamination across recipes, sugar-free syrup unit, and more.


  • High accuracy of 0.1% per batch by using ingredients weight rather than volume
  • Reservoir tank provides for continuous cooker feeding between batches
  • 20 recipe memory with up to 8 ingredients for each slurry gives maximum flexibility
  • Easy to clean, with angled profiles used throughout to minimise accumulations
  • Up to 6,000kg per hour output for high capacity production