Benchtop peristaltic dispenser

When you fill vials and ampoules, high standards of hygiene are required to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Using a suitable hygienic pump, where the liquid only comes into contact with a disposable tube, can help you reduce the contamination risk.

Pumping liquids into vials and ampoules without the risk of contamination

The Accuramatic Peristaltic Dispensing Unit from Adelphi is a hygienic peristaltic pump that can fill bottles, vials, and ampoules with volumes ranging from 1 to 1000ml. It can fill containers at a maximum rate of 36ml per second and a filling accuracy of +/-0.5 %. The unit can be operated by hand, foot switch, or programmed to cycle automatically with a delay of up to 10 seconds between fills. The system features 3 filling modes (braked stop, soft stop, stop with suck back) of your choice. This machine can be used in conjunction with Adelphi’s XYZ Distributor for filling vials and bottles or Ampoule Filling Jig for filling ampoules.


  • Wide range of fill volumes (1-1000mL)
  • Accurate filling volume (+/-0.5%)
  • Can be programmed to operate automatically
  • Hygienic system
  • 3 filling modes to choose from (braked stop, soft stop, stop with suck back)

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