Dispersing machine for emulsions and suspensions

Equipment operating under the rotor/stator principal is often employed when more traditional methods of stirring cannot achieve desired results. High performance continuous dispersing equipment is needed to achieve desirable results for almost any mixing process in circumstances where other machines fail.

Rotor/stator mixing in a robust and simple package that is easy to clean

The IKA ULTRA-TURRAX UTL 2000 is inline high-performance single-stage dispersing machine used for the production of emulsions and suspensions. The UTL 2000 uses the rotor/stator principle and is best suited for continuous applications that cannot be accomplished using conventional stirring methods.

During the full continuous process the components to be mixed are fed into the machine at an appropriate rate through various inlet connections. These components are then thoroughly mixed, dispersed or homogenized within the machine and discharged from the machine through the outlet. Thus, all particles or droplets are treated producing a narrow particle or droplet size distribution with minimal concentration/quality variations. Additionally, the UTL 2000 creates a pumping action which can be used for transfer purposes at low to moderate viscosities with a maximum of about 20 m (ca. 2 bar).

The machines are designed for easy and reliable scale-up and sizes are available with throughput from 50 to 125.000 liters per hour.


  • Simple, robust design, which is synonymous with long service life
  • Improved dispersing and pumping performance
  • Simple speed adjustment
  • High quality surface finishes for easy cleaning
  • Machine is self-draining and CIP / SIP-capable

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