Horizontal vacuum dryer with eccentric agitator

Conventional dryers are inefficient and can lead to significant mechanical and thermal stress on sensitive products. Non-uniform mixing can lead to lump formation and increased processing time. Vacuum dryer with eccentric agitator is designed to dry wet flowing powders from filtration and centrifuging processes.

Vacuum dry efficiently in an agitated paddle dryer

Planex® system from Italvacuum is a special horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with an eccentric agitator which revolves around its own axis while rotating tangentially to the drying chamber. It is ideal for drying wet feeds from filtration and centrifuging processes. Planex® is ideal for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fine chemicals and intermediates. The efficient agitator action ensures perfect mixing and consumes three times less energy than conventional dryers. It also reduces the mechanical and thermal stress on the products which is important for delicate and temperature-sensitive applications. The tangential movement of the agitator prevents lump formation. Suitable for both crystalline and amorphous products, Planex® has a short cleaning downtime and complies with US FDA standards and cGMP regulations.



  • Uniform product quality due to efficient mixing
  • Suitable for sensitive products due to low mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Lump free product with the dual agitator
  • Save energy costs due to the efficient mixing action
  • Safe for operators and the environment