R&D V-type powder blender

Many pharmaceutical processes rely on the complete blending and homogenizing of different powdered compounds. For lab-scale and R&D applications, manual blending is time-consuming and can fail to achieve the desired levels of homogeneity required. A dedicated automatic powder blender designed for lab-scale operations can greatly increase the efficiency of your R&D processes.

Flexible automatic powder blending solution for labs

The MP 6 L Powder Blender from Multigel is a purpose-designed lab-scale solution for powder blending. Offering capacities up to 12 litres in a range of container types, the MP 6 L achieves perfect powder blend results for as little as 1 litre of compounds.

Blending containers are interchangeable and can be specified in a range of shapes including cylindrical, V, and Y styles to suit your needs perfectly. Container changeover is simple and quick and easily achieved by one operator.

V and Y containers are provided with double openings at the top, which makes cleaning and sanitizing much easier. End caps can be specified as stainless steel or FDA-approved material.

For compounds that may clump, containers can also be specified with internal vanes that are designed to break up lumps, even when used for small quantities of powder.

Control of blending parameters including rotation speed, duration and inversion period is achieved by simple-to-operate touchscreen linked to a Siemens PLC. Quick speed adjustment is also available via a rotary control without the need to interrupt the cycle.


  • Lab-scale blender for batches as small as 1 litre
  • Range of interchangeable containers available to meet your exact requirements
  • V and Y containers with dual openings for easier and quicker cleaning
  • Touchscreen controls and Siemens PLC for easy parameter programming
  • Optional vanes for de-clumping powders while blending, even small quantities