Vertical peeler centrifuge

A vertical peeler centrifuge is used to separate solids, usually to separate fine particles from suspension liquid feed mixtures in the pharmaceutical industry, where the scrapped solids are discharged through the bottom of the centrifuge vessel.

Excellent inspection outside and below the centrifuge basket

The Vertical Peeler centrifuge is a new development of the centrifuge type VBC-S (Vertical Bottom discharge Centrifuge – Swivel Open Housing) from Ferrum and it was specially designed for use in the demanding pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical centrifuges are used for products that can be filtered with solids concentrations from 2 w% and particle sizes of minimum 4 μm. The continuous operation of centrifuge allows all process steps are carried out simultaneously, increases the overall throughput.

The most common applications in the pharma industry are in Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), antibiotics, salicylic acid, pharmaceutical intermediate products, etc.


  • Robust design in accordance with the latest standards/GMP requirements
  • Swivel open housing for optimum inspection of the process area
  • Reliable sealing of the bearing housing with sealing systems of the latest generation
  • Easy maintenance due to modular design
  • Suitable for Ex zone 1 (according to directive 94/9/EC)

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