System for continuous production of fondant or fondant crème

Fondant creme is used in the production of a range of confectionery items and its quality has a major impact on the finished products. The goal for a high quality fondant is to produce consistent texture with very fine crystals. Traditional systems require specially trained operatives to ensure the best results. A dedicated, fully automatic fondant and fondant creme production system can allow the production of high volumes of top quality fondant with lower costs and improved product quality.

Dedicated production plants for continuous supply of high quality fondant

The Baker Perkins Fondant & Fondant Crème Preparation Systems are designed for continuous production of both base fondant and fondant creme with consistency and high quality.

Base fondant is usually boxed and sold on as an ingredient to bakers and confectioners. The Baker Perkins Base Fondant System integrates units for fully automatic ingredient weighing and mixing, followed by cooking and cooling. In a final stage a specialist fondant beater agitates the mass leading to fine crystal formation for a high quality finish.

In the creme fondant production system, the crystallised mass carries on into a secondary processing which develops it into a liquid confectionery crème with extra fine crystals. This is usually then passed to a depositing machine. Prior to this a wide range of colours, flavours, and other additives can be introduced.

The whole fondant plant is integrated and controlled from a central PLC control unit with a single HMI for simple operation. The fondant system can also be easily integrated with external downstream components like a despitor for a truly seamless production environment.


  • High volume continuous production with top quality - up to 1,650kg per hour fondant creme, 1,170kg per hour for base fondant
  • No specialist operator training required
  • Complete integration and control of the entire process, from ingredients weighing to depositing
  • Precise temperature control throughout ensures product consistency