Low-speed unscrambler

Smaller plastic bottling lines need a lower cost, lower volume unscrambling machine that maintains gentle handling characteristics and high quality. A new generation of low speed unscramblers meets the needs of smaller scale production perfectly.

Low-speed unscrambler with precision product handling

Lanfranchi have brought the same exacting build quality and delicate product handling of their high-speed, high volume machines to the new more affordable ECO range of unscramblers.

Available in 800mm diameter (ECO-S) and 1400mm diameter (ECO-M), the Lanfranchi ECO does not compromise in its construction, featuring stainless steel throughout and full frequency inverter control for precise operation.

As well as a small form factor the ECO has been designed to be adaptable and is easy to work on for product change or cleaning. It’s fully automatic, including faulty bottle removal, and includes table-top conveyors and out-feed star wheel all with vacuum.


  • Low cost option for  lower-speed, smaller-scale lines
  • Up to 13,000 bottles per hour handling capability (ECO-M)
  • Strong and reliable, with low maintenance costs and simple changeover and cleaning procedures
  • Fully automatic working
  • Low air consumption