Microencapsulation system for your drug delivery system

Whether you want to improve the stability of nutrients, protect an active chemical agent or control the release rate of a given ingredient, you may benefit from a continuous solution that generates reproducible microspheres and is scalable from pilot to production capacities.

Rapid, uniform and reproducible microsphere formation

Both the INFINITY Mini and the INFINITY Lab from EmulTech’s Microfluidic Encapsulation System are versatile platforms for rapid uniform and reproducible microsphere formation for encapsulating small molecules, peptides and proteins, with a particle size of 1 μm and up. This system’s unique continuous flow technology provides high reproducibility, which reduces process development costs and eliminates out-of-spec material.


  • The system puts you on the Fast-Track to new product development, thanks to the unprecedented process control provided by EmulTech's Flow Calculator
  • User-friendly Plug and Play setup
  • Particles can be produced using all kinds of carrier materials
  • Process parameters on a single channel device can be easily transferred to multi-channel devices