Laboratory Tablet Press

Pharmaceutical research and development projects may require small samples of high quality tablets for testing. Laboratory tablet presses must have full functional integrity while taking less space than equipment for commercial production.

Compact Laboratory Tablet Press

The KIKUSUI Vela G laboratory tablet press is a scaled-down version of the company’s large production machines, yet it achieves the same levels of functional excellence. It is suitable for compact laboratory conditions, and produces high quality tablet samples from very small amounts of powder granules.

This compact, flexible and easy-to-use equipment features standard compression turret interchangeability, allowing variable tooling on a smaller footprint. Powder and tablet contact points are in grade 316L stainless steel, with electro-polishing finish.


  • Production machine quality from laboratory-scale equipment
  • High quality tablet samples from small amounts of granules
  • Capable of scaling up to 28,800 tablets per hour