Pilot scale freeze dryer

Freeze drying is a complex and time-consuming drying process which requires maintaining the quality of the product. It can be a delicate and expensive procedure requiring high levels of hygiene. A pilot freeze dryer designed for product formulation and scale-up workshould thus help maintain the high quality and shape of products too sensitive for conventional drying processes.

Hygienic freeze drying system maintaining high product quality standards

Siccadania’s F30 Pilot Scale Freeze dryer is typically used for dehydrating high value goods, such as nutraceuticals, foods, pharmaceuticals and instant coffee. It is a hygienic bulk freeze dryer with an external condenser which can be separated from the drying chamber. It uses electrical heating systems for the sublimation process. This secures a uniform temperature gradient and pressure across the entire tray surface area maintaining the product quality. No matter how complex your products may be, it is designed to provide an optimised freeze-drying solution while keeping in mind the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation.

The pilot scale freezer is especially suitable for preserving most of the coffee flavour while manufacturing instant coffee, maintaining the shape and quality of rehydrated food products and delicately drying probiotic bacteria, enzymes, algae etc.


  • Designed with highest level of hygiene, avoiding leakage
  • Optimised design for upscaling and reduced maintenance costs
  • Retains product qualities

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