Automatic filling line for solid doses

For medium-scale production of solid doses such as tablets, capsules, and softgels that are provided in standard counts, an automated counting and filling line will increase your efficiency. Used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production, such a fully automated line will enable you to upscale your production easily. At the same time, it will reduce the overheads involved with running semi-automatic or manual filling alternatives that offer slower throughput.

Complete automatic solution for solid dose counting and bottles filling

The ACL 1500 from Multigel is a fully automated solution for accurately counting solid doses, such us tablets, soft gels and hard capsules and then automatically filling them into appropriate containers. It can process sizes from 5mm to 25mm diameter and up to 20mm thickness.

The unit comprises a CPE 6 automatic counting machine linked to a rotating stainless table for automatic bottle feeding. Bottles then run on a conveyor to the doser. Following filling, they pass to a bottle collection unit or optionally output into other machinery such as closing, labelling and inspection units.

The unit can process up to 200,000 doses per hour, requiring only a single operator to keep the bottle feeder and dose hoppers stocked. The machine features a touchscreen interface to set and monitor all parameters.

Optional extras include a 3-point dedusting device for tablet dosing, reducing downtime associated with sensor cleaning.

All product contact areas are made from 316 stainless or FDA-approved material and feature easy access for cleaning.


  • Economical way to upscale production of solid doses
  • Can count and fill a wide range of sizes and shapes of doses
  • High throughput for increased efficiency, up to 200,000 doses per hour
  • GMP design, with 316 stainless and FDA-approved materials
  • Touchscreen controls and monitoring for minimal operator input

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