High-speed unscrambler for small bottles

Large-scale production of smaller volume bottled product needs a gentle, accurate yet high-speed unscrambler suited to the task. Traditional small format unscramblers can compromise on speed, so a dedicated high speed unit that can gently handle smaller vessels will increase line efficiency whilst maintaining quality.

High-speed unscrambler specifically designed for careful handling of smaller containers

The Lanfranchi Compact range of unscramblers has been specifically designed for the highest speeds and most gentle handling for containers up to 270mm tall.

Built in stainless steel and designed for minimal maintenance and continuous 3-shift use, the Compact unscrambler range can gently handle up to 64,000 bottles per hour using patented No Scuff Technology.

Vacuum powered output starwheel offers enhanced flexibility. No outer guide rail means changeover to different size bottles requires minimal intervention as bottles of different sizes can be accommodated easily.

Options are available from Lanfranchi designed to maximise output speed for lines which use particularly lightweight bottles (to minimise bouncing), or lower speeds using larger, more stable bottles. There is a COMPACT model and options available to suit all production requirements.


  • High speed handling with great accuracy and no scuff technology
  • Designed to handle 3-shift working, built to be strong and easy to maintain
  • Automatic rejection of damaged bottles minimises downtime
  • Options available to suit all bottle types
  • Vacuum output starwheel makes changeover of bottle types quick and easy