Single rotary tablet press

Creating batches of consistent high quality pharmaceutical grade tablets from your powdered ingredients requires equipment that complies with strict regulations and record keeping requirements while at the same time is flexible and easily adapted to a variety of products.  Easily maintained, equipment with quick tooling changeovers and faulty punch detection gives producers the worry-free tablet production capabilities that they need to be competitive.

A simple and robust tableting platform for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

The Protab 300 from ACGE is a simplified rotary tablet press with features designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s small and medium batch pharmaceutical producers.  It is designed for easy maintenance, rapid changeover, high reliability and Overall Equipment Efficiency in general.  A dust extraction system , feeder assembly, turret, and exit chute assemblies have all be rethought and include features such as auto-lubrication, swing-in swing-out design, modular design of supporting assemblies to ease machine use and increase production efficiency.

ACGE’s Protab 300 also includes features that assure a tablet product of the highest quality including digitally aided feeder height adjustment, precise tablet weight control, and safety features such as process interlocks and noise reduction.  Productivity is enhanced with higher machine up-times, low feeder leftover losses, improved paddle design for elimination of dead zones, and and intelligent ‘batch over’ detection system.


  • Easy access to all important areas
  • Minimal product loss
  • Instant detection of faulty punches during operation
  • Lightweight assemblies and peripherals designed for easy removal
  • Mechanical changeover in 30 minutes

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