Checkweigher for stand-up pouches

When working with several lines of stand-up pouches, you can benefit from controlling the weight on the different lanes with a single checkweigher.

Weighing control of up to two lanes with just one indicator

The Checkweigher for stand-up pouches from Anritsu, is a space-saving checkweigher for multiple lanes. These checkweighers are suitable for lines where multiple lanes of products are inspected with just one unit, such as divided filling packaging or tube filling lines. The Anritsu KW6205E type – allows weighing control of up to two lanes with just one indicator. It has colour LCD touch panel, automatic power switching and support of GMP and HACCP.


  • Electromagnetic Balance (force balance), only for KW6205E
  • Multi-range, Only for KW6205E
  • Variable Belt Speed
  • Variable Line Heights

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