High Speed Tablet Press

High speed pharmaceutical tablet presses convert powder to tablets. The operations should be quick and simple, and deliver high volumes with low maintenance costs. In pharmaceutical production, tablet presses use rotating turrets containing key equipment for particular product profiles. It is vital for tablet presses to have turret changeability to have turret changeability to decrease product changeover time and to increase press flexibility.

High Speed Tablet Press with Quick Turret Exchange

The KIKUSUI Aquarius G-J standard high speed tablet press is a rugged, reliable machine with a compact design. It has automatic weight control ensuring the correct match with the compression force wave. Tablet rejection is by air pressure, which ensures single tablet rejection A swinging arm facilitates turret exchanges within twenty minutes.

An enclosed feeder and vacuum suction enable fast production with minimal powder loss. The upper punch head has a head guard to prevent loose powder sticking to machine tools. Dust seals and bellows keep the upper and lower punch areas clear of any powder that does escape.

A 7.5 Kw electric motor powers the KIKUSUI Aquarius G-J standard high speed tablet press, which has 10 ton pre- and main compression rollers. The external finish is stainless steel, while product contact points are stainless steel 316L with electro-polishing.

The machine with a throughout capacity delivers between 36,000 to 324,000 tablets per hour depending on tablet properties


  • Turret exchanges within 20 minutes reduce downtime
  • 5 Kw electric motor delivers high production volumes
  • Head guard, dust seals and bellows control lost powder
  • Enclosed feeder and vacuum suction minimise powder loss

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